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Our experienced consultancy team provides you end-to-end services for determining your strategy, making the right decisions, and putting them into action in the scope of relocation, making real estate investments, establishing a new company or expanding an existing one in Turkey.

If you would like to manage your savings and investments in Turkey under the guidance of CFT, please keep in mind that our team of acknowledged and experienced experts is always here for you...

Real Estate Consultancy

Turkey has become a center of attention for foreign investors from all over the world in recent years during which the concept of distance has lost its meaning in terms of real estate. CFT(Consulting for Turkey) functions prudently to provide boutique services to its distinguished clients and is particularly specialized in super fast buying and selling operations that are not available in the market. Moreover, CFT provides its service in a way to also enable you to have a residence permit in Turkey. By the virtue of this distinctive approach of real estate consultancy provided by due to its strong relations within the sector, CFT allows potential international investors to invest in Turkey safely. If you own any in Turkey, CFT gives you the fastest service for the lease/sale of your real estate or the follow-up of their relevant transactions and the settlement of disputes.

Trade Consultancy

In accordance with the needs of you, our dear clients, we provide services for the implementation of the transactions required for you to establish ordinary partnership, limited company, incorporated company, limited partnership or general partnership, and cooperative company in Turkey. The transactions for trade name and business title, protection of trade name and legal protection against any breach related to the business title, any amendment to and registration of the articles of association/incorporation, the follow-up for personal receivables of shareholders, the transactions for capital increase and reduction, the compensation of the loss suffered by shareholders due to capital increase, the transactions of company merger, demerger, and type change, the preparation of trade contracts in a suitable legal technique and the settlement of the disputes arising from the contracts at Turkish Commercial Courts, the follow-up of a company's receivables through enforcement offices and courts, the completion of confiscation and sale transactions and the collection of receivables over a debtor's assets, buying and selling of equities and company's assets, the preparation of service agreements to be concluded between the employees of a company and the company itself and the settlement of disputes that may arise from them, the preparation of the articles and legal pursuance of the disputes related to the contracts, the termination, bankruptcy and liquidation transactions of a company, and giving support to shareholders of a company as defence attorney in the event that there are criminal damages are within the scope of the trade consultancy that is provided by us.

Investment Consultancy

CFT takes an active role in adjusting your reward/risk preferences. We prepare asset distributions and recommendations suitable to your risk profile and share our opinions and recommendations on the markets with you in the format of a broad range of daily, weekly, quarterly and annual reporting.